Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments
Facial Treatments

Treatments are procedures aimed at cleaning and rejuvenating the face, arms, legs, and abdominal area skin. The procedures include various types of massage, filler injections, ultrasonic and mechanical results, masks, peeling, and other combined care approaches. Care procedures in cosmetology centers are bought by ladies and men, as they permit you to end up being healthier and look more appealing at any age.

Types of care treatments

There are numerous fundamental skin care treatments:

hardware therapy;
Mineral Hotsprings.

Treatments to enhance skin and muscle tone utilizing manual or hardware massage. Manual massage consists in rubbing different parts of the client’s body with the hands of a medical professional for leisure functions. Hardware massage includes using ultrasonic, laser, oxygen, and other devices to regenerate and revitalize the skin.


Procedures for skin renewal by getting rid of dead and dry particles. As an outcome of peeling, the tone of the face is leveled, wrinkles are fixed, and black areas are removed. It takes place both chemically, in which glycolic, fruit, retinoic, and trichloroacetic acids act upon the skin, and hardware, in which mechanical, ultrasonic, vacuum, laser, and other impacts are exerted.


Cleansing the skin of pollutants in fat, acne, pimples, bumps, and dry particles. Depending on the client’s issue, cleaning can be gentle or deep. Ultrasonic devices, masks, mechanical effect instruments, chemicals, creams, steaming, and other approaches are used for cleaning. Each patient is selected for private combined approaches of cleaning the skin.


Stimulation of the skin to recuperate due to the formation of microtraumas. An unique derma roller device has a roller with needles that rolls over the skin and creates microtrauma, providing the body a signal for sped up skin regrowth.

Microneedle roller for the skin

Subcutaneous injection of different cocktails containing beneficial nutrients stimulates the skin’s remediation, regeneration, and restoration. The material of the injections is picked individually depending on the kind of skin and the patient’s problems.

Hardware treatment

For care treatments, various devices use different concepts of influencing tissues to improve complexion and restore skin. Cosmetic gadgets are often used that saturates the skin with oxygen, treat it with a laser, and act with ultrasound, microcurrents, vacuum, and mechanically.


Different mixtures with regrowing, nourishing, and rejuvenating homes that are used to the skin for a while harden, have a cosmetic impact and after that are removed. For various skin types and various problems, masks are picked separately. Depending upon the composition, masks have a different result on the skin.

Who is the treatment for?

Skin care treatments are suitable for men and women of any ages. Previously, skin care treatments were ordered mainly by females, however just recently increasingly more males understand the value of skin care and the need to maintain their look in great condition. The modern-day world requires individuals of any ages and genders to look proficient at any age.

Up to 25 years old

At a young age, as a rule, the skin is in good condition– flexible, firm, and toned. In some cases, issues such as acne, post-acne, pimples, rosacea, and others might appear.

For young patients, care treatments aim to eliminate the problems brought on by teenage changes in the body. At the exact same time, the job of the beauty consultant is to keep young skin in great condition. The medical professional requires to remove the problems, lessening injury.

Particular attention is paid to hydrating and safeguarding the skin from the sun with external ways. A skin specialist can not only choose the best treatment to fix problems but likewise prescribe the correct day-to-day skin care for the patient to avoid problems in the future.

Peels, masks, creams, and other treatments can be recommended to eliminate acne and pimples. Post-acne can be eliminated utilizing laser resurfacing and other care procedures.

25 to 35 years of ages

After the age of 25, teenage skin problems like acne and pimples are less and less typical. The hormone background returns to regular. But the skin begins to gradually lose its residential or commercial properties. It ends up being more delicate, and age-related changes begin to appear. The skin’s protective functions are the ability to recover and decrease elasticity and firmness.

At this age, it is easy to keep the properties of the skin through injections containing beneficial substances, vitamins, and preparations that assist bring back skin tissues and restore their protective homes. Among the injectable care treatments that bring back skin tone, the doctor may recommend mesotherapy, biorevitalization, or bioreparation. The kind of procedure is selected separately for each client.

Facial treatment

Closer to 30, wrinkles on the face might start to appear on the skin. To fight them, botulinum toxic substance injections can assist unwind the muscles, lower their activity, and thereby smooth the skin.

Special devices with various effects on the skin will likewise help restore the skin after 25: laser, microcurrent, mechanical, ultrasonic, and vacuum. Depending upon the patient’s problem, the medical professional prescribes particular gadgets for comprehensive treatment. Medical gadgets’ impact assists enhance blood flow and metabolic process, trigger recovery processes, get rid of skin flaws, and clean tissues.

Massages and masks can also be prescribed by a beauty therapist as part of a program to restore the skin and keep it in great condition.

After 35 years

After age 40, noticeable age-related changes in the skin start, such as wrinkles, modifications in facial contours, dry skin, sagging, and discoloration.

For clients of this age, as part of complicated care procedures, the physician can prescribe any kind of treatment to resolve issues, including lifting– face skin tightening up with threads. This treatment permits you to bring back the old contour of the face with substantial age-related changes.

The treatments of contouring and volumetry will assist bring back the skin’s youthfulness, which includes smoothing out wrinkles by injecting unique preparations that relax the facial muscles and tighten up the skin.

In addition to the procedures that correct age-related changes, after 35 years, it is necessary to frequently look after the skin in the hair salon or center and in the house. To maintain the effect and prolong youth, the medical professional recommends various care treatments, such as masks, massage, cleansing, and utilizing different cosmetic and healing representatives for external usage.

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