Legal Help for Quid Pro Quo Harassment

Legal Help for Quid Pro Quo Harassment
Legal Help for Quid Pro Quo Harassment

In reality, bias and favoritism are very present in the workplace, specifically where there is a power relationship present, and those on the lower sounded depend on, the greater level to both keep their employment as well as have any opportunity to move ahead. This imbalance can lead to harassment problems; one of the most prevalent is quid pro quo harassment.

What is Quid Pro Quo Harassment?

The wrongdoer doesn’t force the scenario, as in an assault; instead, he or she provides the victim with an option– offer in and comply and acquire benefits, or refuse and be ignored, ostracized, and even demoted or fired. Avoidance without an unfavorable effect is only possible by finding equivalent work elsewhere (which is what eventually happens on the very first possibility to get out of the situation).

Among the most brilliant examples of quid pro quo harassment has been in the movie industry, where stars and starlets have actually been informally anticipated to provide sexual favors to producers and market heavyweights in exchange for being cast in big functions and parts. The trade is apparent– comply and have an acting career success or refuse and be declined for any practical parts. As in the infamous case of Harvey Weinstein, the abuse and harassment can go on for years since of the power imbalance involved.

There is a Remedy Under the Law

Those who have been a victim of quid professional quo harassment do not require to stay silent to protect their careers. The law has actually specified such harassment as illegal and punishable under civil law and, in some scenarios, even criminal.

Legal Help is a Necessity in Quid Pro Quo Cases

Since of the adversarial nature of the law, the victim requires representation to bring a case of healing versus a supervisor or company who engaged in harassment or let it happen in their work environment. The proficiency of a qualified attorney becomes necessary, both to browse the court procedural system as well as to argue the benefits of the victim’s case. While ultimately, the matter may be settled before ever reaching trial, representation is important for victim’s ability to defend themselves and seek accountability for their harasser.

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