The History of the Patrick Bateman Haircut and its Association with Wall Street

The History of the Patrick Bateman Haircut and its Association with Wall Street
The History of the Patrick Bateman Haircut and its Association with Wall Street

Patrick Bateman is one of the most renowned fictional villains created by author Bret Easton Ellis and cemented in popular culture memory by the veteran actor Christian Bale in American Psycho. Everything about the famous character caught the general public’s creativity, particularly his hyper-focus on curating every external detail about himself down to his company cards. One of the things that made an enormous impression on audiences was Bateman’s hairstyle. His slicked-back design with a side part completely complemented the customized matches and increased his charming character.

Bateman’s hairdo took the United States by storm in the 80s, triggering a buzz train as audiences thought the appearance radiated power and self-confidence. During COVID’s disturbance of work, offered its tidy appearance, the hairdo saw a resurgence in appeal as workers returned to offices.

It acquired appeal also since it is a simple look to accomplish in your home

If experimenting is not your thing, an expert stylist can do it for you. To attain this look at home, follow the fundamental standards listed below:

Your hair should be of sensible length and density. The hair on top ought to be at least 3 inches long to enable the slicked-back style, while the sides and back should be much shorter for contrast.
Apply pomade or wax to towel-dried hair, working it through from the roots to the ends..
Develop a mindful side part with a fine-toothed comb. The part must be on the left side of the head..
Comb the hair back on both sides, smoothing it down. The goal is to attain a streamlined, slicked-back appearance highlighting the side part..
Utilize some more pomade or wax to smooth down any flyaways or frizz and create a refined finish. But don’t overdo it.
Examine your operate in a mirror from different angles to guarantee it looks balanced and in proportion.
The match plays a huge function in enhancing the hairstyle.

Various designer labels developed the classic 80s fits Bateman wore in the motion picture. They’re primarily double-breasted, pinstriped ‘power matches’ like those in the character’s position may wear. The most important thing to make Bateman stick out was to get the information of his accessories right, like complementary ties, glasses, watches, and shoes. While the hairdo became a staple of the Manhatten Financial District after the movie introduced, outfit designers took motivation from Wall Street employees when establishing the character’s dressing style. This is why the fictional character made such a big impression on individuals.

While you may not have access to high-end designer matches, consider pairing the hairstyle with complementary clothing when you’re trying to accomplish this look for a company conference or a formal event. Artists and artists have actually also embraced the appearance while pairing it with outfits that speak to their community/tribe.

Seek advice from a stylist if you’re not positive about a DIY technique.

Although the hairstyle seems easy to achieve, some might need help correctly parting hair or balancing the look. In addition, the texture and density can also impact the styling technique. You should use top quality wax or pomade to attain the look, as low-grade items can damage your hair quality. If all of this appears frustrating, speak with an expert stylist for recommendations. They may even direct you to top quality apparel that would combine perfectly with your newly styled hair.

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